Compliance – Social Engineering

LockIT is here to help your organization build a culture of security in your environment.  We can help you and your employees with State, Federal, Banking and other Industry compliance requirements.

Information Security is the act of using due diligence and care to safeguard the confidentiality,  of critical and often sensitive business assets. Up until recently this mostly revolved around strictly technical protection such as firewalls, filters, restricted access etc.  This is no longer enough.  Todays attacks come from all fronts including social engineering and can easily bypass “old fashioned” protections.

IT Compliance is a measurement of a facilitys level of security according to a third parties requirements.  This may be specific requirements in a contract, a compliance laid down by a government or other types of security frameworks.

The importance of IT security is higher than ever and the task of supporting and securing it is getting more and more difficult.  Like it or not, your business likely has 100s of detailed security standards it needs to manage.   Many times even the provided “guidelines” that are supposed to help you don’t even make sense.  LockIT can help decipher these and get you on track.

Whatever sector of business you are in, we can help asses your risks and provide preventative strategies to help lower your risk of a technology breach.

What else can LockIT do for you?