Managed Services

If you lie awake at night worrying about your sensitive business data and don’t know what to do…

It’s time to upgrade your equipment, your service, your entire IT experience. It’s time to treat your environment to managed services.

With traditional IT services a technician would come look at your environment when it went down. You often had to call in, schedule a technician and wait until that person was able to fit you into their schedule. In the meantime your business is losing money every minute because of your outage. Wouldn’t it be better if a technology specialist could call you and alert you to a potential issue, before it even became a problem? Of course it would! That’s one reason more and more people are choosing to have their business catered to with managed IT services.

Subscribing to managed services protect and enhances your network with a level of ease to your security that you’ve likely never experienced. Stop paying a technician who thrives on your network always being broken. With a planned monthly budget, you can have all the IT backup you need from a provider that thrives on your network being flawless. Never worry about unplanned charges either, everything is included. Need every endpoint in your facility covered against viruses and malware? With managed services, not only are your devices covered, they are also regularly reviewed to make sure they are up to date and secure. Are your devices securely patched? Done, and with a report to prove it. Firewall secured? Best practices followed and also monitored by a 24/7 security operations center. Vulnerabilities? Checked and closed. Data backed up? Done, logged and bootable in a virtual environment in case of disaster. Servers? Secured. PCs? Protected. Employees? Trained to recognize social engineering and password stealing spam attempts.

Good nights sleep?

On the way.

What else can LockIT do for you?