24/7 Monitoring – SIEM Security Information and Event Management

What is SIEM and why do I need it?

The devices on your network transmit and log a tremendous amount of data about what is going on inside your environment. Contained in these logs you can find patterns that could potentially be malware or notice multiple logins that could be a brute force attempt to get into the network. While these logs are great, that’s a lot of data, and it’s too much for one human security analyst to look at. The task is tedious, time consuming and allows for a lot of human error.

Security Information and Event Management from LockIT technologies will bring together logs and events from devices on the network into one central viewing area or “pane of glass” to give you a more extensive view of what’s happening within your network and infrastructure all at once. LockIT utilizes a 24/7 US based security operations center to triage and investigate all potential incidents detected by our SIEM platform. Event correlation rules cut down on the noise and bring the pertinent data to the forefront where a trained professional can review and either deal with or escalate any issues to the incident response team. All along the way, any information associated with tickets or alerts, like timestamps, authors, notes, status, resolutions and even raw logs are available for you any time for up to seven years. Combine all that into an easy to follow executive summary report and you have the perfect tool to help with meet todays high security standards.

What else can LockIT do for you?