Who/What is LockIT Technologies?

LockIT is ready to help your business with today’s technology challenges. We can work directly with your existing IT staff or we can BE your IT staff. Our technicians are knowledgeable, personable and ready to help.

At LockIT Technologies, LLC, we understand that not everyone loves technology like we do. Keeping track of updates to Windows, 10 custom programs and 100s of compliance rules can be over whelming. Add to that a complex network, aging hardware, and employees that open scam pages, and you’ve got your hands full before you’ve even thought about security.

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What We Offer


Discover your problem areas.

Even the most secure network could always be MORE secure.  Network evaluations look for weak points in your security.  Hardware, software and even your trusted staff inside the network could potentially be exploited.  Automated and manual testing methods can help pinpoint problem areas.


Plan to overcome problem areas.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”.  Don’t just wish for a more secure environment, let us help you plan your way there!  After assessing your network we will help you plan to tackle the biggest issues first thereby closing the largest security gaps as soon as possible.  If you are required to meet a certain type of compliance we implement the steps needed to meet even the strictest guidelines.


Lock it up, with LockIT Technologies

Let us help you deploy the latest security measures including 24/7 cyber security monitoring, scheduled patching, disaster recovery testing, business continuity, traditional backups and more.  We can train your employees to recognize phishing, scams and social engineering.  Start sleeping at night again knowing that your network is in good hands.

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