Vulnerability Scans – Patching

What are Vulnerability Scans and why do I need it?

It only takes one vulnerability to gain a foot hold into your environment. Is every machine in your environment patched and secure?  Have you plugged all the security holes that are known to exist?  When was the last time you ran a vulnerability test?


Stop hoping your environment is up to par and start knowing it!

Accurate and timely patches are essential layers of keeping your network secure.  LockIT can monitor and deploy patches and give you accurate reports of which machines are patched, and which are lagging behind.  Your network should also regularly be scanned for security weaknesses. Vulnerability scans can report on and classify systems in your network and can help predict it’s effectiveness against breach or attack.  After performing such as scan, LockIT can review the findings and help you create an action plan to bolster your defenses.

What else can LockIT do for you?